Girls NEED to
Support Girls

Natalia Escobar

It seems that as time continues on in this pandemic, issues that have been festering under the surface of our society continue to rise. The most recent being the heinous attack and murder committed in Georgia against the AAPI community. I was filled with dread the moment I read the headlines, not only as a woman, but as a person of color myself. I find myself feeling hopeless whenever I hear about atrocities like this, as I am once again reminded of how society continually sexualizes women, in particular, women of color.
The fact that this man, Robert Aaron Long, felt motivated to due this due to his “addiction to sex” further proves the constant sexualization and objectification women face. These women were simply doing their job. An act people around the world do on a daily basis, yet their gender and race caused them to be objectified by this man, who felt so entitled to take their lives because he was attracted to them. It feels like a slap in the face. I am once again reminded of the stereotypes surrounding each woman of color, our constant fetishization.
To be completely honest, I worry this will never change. Despite the constant evolution our society and as women everywhere seem to continue to fight and be placed in positions of power, moments like these remind me of how we are perceived. It feels like an inevitable truth. The only solace I find is trying to be a pillar of support for my fellow women and women of color. It is within this community we have built that I find strength. It is within our shared experiences that I find support and feel seen. In times like these, more than ever, it is important for women everywhere to continue supporting each other. For us to build a community for each other, to empower one another, that is where my hope and faith resides.