Biography and

Amelia Steinbach

Amelia Steinbach, Class of 2021

Major: Political Science

Minors: History & Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies

What’s next? I’m extremely grateful to have been awarded a Mitchell Scholarship, which funds a year of graduate study in Ireland. I’ll be spending the next year working toward a Masters in Gender, Politics, and International Relations at University College Dublin. I’ll then take one more gap year -- probably doing something related to government in DC -- before beginning at Harvard Law School in 2023. Long term, I plan to focus on civil rights law and gender discrimination.

Muse reflections: I joined The Muse during my second semester at Duke and am grateful to have spent three years working with writers to edit their pieces. I’ve learned so much about these issues, my peers, and campus resources and organizations from my work on The Muse, and it will remain a cherished part of my time at Duke. I’m excited to watch the future of the publication unfold from afar!