My Mother-Daughter Relationship 

by Miranda Corral

My relationship with my mom has always been a female to female relationship that supported me and helped me. I feel very fortunate to have a driven, compassionate, and smart mom to help guide me through my life, and I have been able to learn many things from her and seek comfort in her during hard times.

    Mother-daughter relationships are really formative. They instill you with the values that you will hold closest to you and practice throughout your life. Oftentimes, your mother can be the one that you choose to test your values against or resist, explicitly for that reason. In high school, I often rebelled against my mom, and now in college, my mom is the person I identify with the most and listen to religiously because I have come to understand that she knows the world better than I do and is the only person who can support me in the exact way that I need to be supported because she created me.

Our female-to-female relationship has been able to help guide me through the world due to the many shared experiences that our gender brings forth. My mother is someone with whom I share the joys that I find in the world through my place as a woman, but also with who I share the pain that accompanies it at times.

    Many cultures understand the mother-daughter bond as sacred, and I have come to understand why in my distance away from her due to being at school. Hearing the sound of her voice or her encouraging words is something that can instantly alter my mood, and that type of connection is one that I believe is unique and to be cherished and grateful for. I feel lucky to be able to find solace in our relationship, and a smile always stretches wide across my face from knowing that she will be there to continue to cheer me on, sending me surprise care-packages and texts that make me smile. I hope that I continue to learn from my mother, and that I can eventually be as strong and knowledgeable as she is.