The Double Standard

by Shreya Joshi

The Double Standard

To insults degrading and dehumanizing women.
Profanity related insults to men,
Were so inextricably linked with women,
The insults were essentially the same.

Safe almost nowhere,
Even outside the realm of profanity.
“Sissy,” “Sensitive,” “Girly”
Men were insulted with femininity.
Women were attacked for both having and not having it.

They want to keep us quiet, docile, controlled.
They try to turn femininity from a trait into a cage.
Assertive became aggressive.
Confident became loud.
Passionate became emotional.
The very traits men are praised for
Mark a death sentence in a woman’s career.
Leaving femininity is wrong.

Yet remaining feminine is also wrong.
Throwing like a girl is wrong.
Crying like a girl is wrong.
Emotion seems to be unique to women.
Emotion seems synonymous with femininity.
They tell us that femininity is weakness.

They expect us to believe that whatever we are
Cannot be right.
Simply because we are women.
In actuality
Everything we are is right,
Simply because we are women.

Femininity is not a weakness, but a strength.
Emotions are not wrong, but they are human.

The Double Standard
The Double Standard
The Double Standard
The Double Standard