Inspiring Women in Troubling Times

Sofia Silvosa

I did my fair share of complaining during quarantine. The superficial dissatisfactions of not having a prom or graduation. I stopped myself from delving into these trivial worries by looking up the influential women in life who were sacrificing so much and working so hard during this pandemic.

My aunt worked hard to balance her work at home with taking care of her two six-year-olds, helping them stay logged on in their online Zoom classes while she worked diligently.

My mother had to put through salary cuts and getting used to a new work format while being there for my sister and me throughout this tough time.

My other aunt who lives in Venezuela is struggling with the lack of medical and mask supplies there but is still working hard every day in her job taking all the appropriate repercussions with her job in dentistry.

And my other aunt in Spain who works as a paramedic, risking her life to help those in need. She worked through strenuous long hours day and night to help her community.

My Chemistry teacher who was teaching our Zoom class had to also do her motherly duties, feeding her infant baby, and making sure her four years were focused on his online school studies.

My friend from school who maintained her job in the local grocery store, working through weeks of uncertainty covering her co-worker’s shifts who were more at risk and doing an exceptional job as an essential worker.

These are just women that I personally know. So many women around the world have pushed through these difficult times, inspiring us all. Thank you.