Frozen in Space

Shreya Joshi

time shouldn’t be stagnant;

it ought to flow

like electrons through magnets

a world that can’t be frozen.


the sun is supposed to rise,

a ball of fire 

that remains in the skies,

but suddenly it’s everywhere.


humans aren’t meant to be stuffed

like peas in a pod;

we became handcuffed

to a building that ceased to be home.


communication: the next hurdle

something that was never a problem before

became a failed attempt at wordle;

where no one was heard and no one listened.


true colors seems to go to far

but that’s exactly what was discovered.

tradition became a bazaar

for parents to pick and choose what was allowed. 


the beginning was wrapped in a bow;

even pandora’s box was beautiful.

anything to not break the familial vow

when there was such disagreement.


protests, politics, and planned parenthood

battling ignorance outside and at home

Became a could, should, would,

Not without fears of injury or infection.


supposedly the sun also set.

along with our motivation

maybe it was just a bad mindset

but things that once brought joy were now monotonous.


time was static.

despite happenings, the world remained enclosed

in a single house that became problematic.

but we stay, just to be safe.