Discover the Muse Within Yourself 

Far too often women are seen as the inspiration for men.


Here at The Muse we say no more.

We seek to inspire Duke women to find passion, creativity, and ingenuity within themselves.

Through bi-monthly volumes we create forums for Duke women to explore self-empowerment, journalism, art, poetry, photography, politics, and more.



The Muse is a feminist publication at Duke University, founded by two students who desired to create a positive outlet for women’s empowerment on Duke’s campus. Drawn out of the findings of former President Nannerl Keohane’s Women’s Initiative report, which found a trend of decreased confidence through Duke women's undergraduate careers, the publication seeks to facilitate the contrary.

The Muse is an affiliate of the Duke University Women's Center. Our objective is to facilitate and improve a culture of women’s informed empowerment on Duke’s campus.